This is a real human skull with origins in Prescott, Arizona. It was used for medical training purposes, Oil painting by DMD




In the fall of 2012, I became immersed in scientific and philosophical theories. In particular, I was obsessed with scientific diagrams, which explain theories and properties through drawings. My interests also included subjects such as self-aware systems, philosophy, cellular automata, phase transitions, time travel, mystical behaviors at atomic and sub-atomic levels, and the mysteries of consciousness. Although these rudimentary drawings were without any leanings towards aesthetics, I found them to be beautiful, though that is clearly not their intention. I was inspired to create my own interpretations of the concepts of consciousness and other theories on a scientific, philosophical, and spiritual level through a simplified means such as drawing. All of the projects I have created begin as drawings, which I feel have a beauty and intimacy that paintings cannot capture. The subtle lines that graphite creates and the quickness with which one can capture an idea makes this medium alluring.

My wife Paula and I felt that these completed works would be best presented together in a beautifully designed book, and we strongly believed that they should be accompanied by the writings of arts professionals and scientists from varying disciplines to offer their interpretations of the connection between science and art. I am deeply grateful to have such an esteemed group of scientists and writers as contributors to this book.

Carlo McCormick is a culture critic and curator living in NY City.
Bo E.H. Saxberg MD, PhD Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics
Chris Duffield PhD Science Technology, Biomedicine, Design
Eric Nelson-Melby PhD Philosophy, Plasma Physics
David Walker PhD Research, Eco-toxicology
G.L. Golden PMP Bioengineering, Art
Paula Catherine Valencia Writing, Art, Music, Philosophy

Tools Diaz used to create Soul of Science


128-page art book that explores the mystery of science, nature, anatomy, consciousness, and the power of symbols by Daniel Martin Diaz.


Díaz puts the finishing touches on Self-Aware System. 



"If you were to come across a book, perhaps sometime in the future, that explained the origins of consciousness - of how we came to be - it might contain illustrations like those found here in "Soul of Science". While no single image can convey the breadth and complexity of self-awareness, such an idea can be circumscribed, approached by a series of images that each touch upon a unique facet at the core of our being. These different perspectives coalesce towards a unified idea, the mystery of who we are." Greg Golden (Bioengineering)

Hey Magazine (Paris, France)

I want to thank ‘Hey’ magazine for the 16 page spread. They created a beautifulbooklet featuring my work in the the latest issue. Please go out and buy it it’s well worth it. Amazing art from all over the world. 

DPI Magazine (Taiwan, China)

Received this today from China. DPI Magazine, leading art publication in Taiwan. The print quality, layout, and artwork is amazing. Thanks to the DPI crew for including my work.

Les Loisirs (Belgian News Paper)

A review of the Luxembourg newspaper as well as an announcement in a Belgian newspaper. Thanks to Armand Hein from Galerie Toxic. He’s doing great work in that part of the world.

Hi Fructose Magazine (USA)

Thanks to Hi Fructose Magazine for publishing images from “Soul of Science” in the latest issue. A special thank you to technology mystic DavidPescovitz (Boing Boing) for his gracious and thoughtful review. Now go out and get yourself a copy. It’s loaded with great art.

Le Monde (French News Paper)

'Le Monde’ one of France’s main newspapers wrote a small analysis about my work during the Outsider Art Fair in Paris this past September.

Raw Vision Magazine (UK)

Soul of Science reviewed by Raw Vision Magazine (UK). Written by Scott Rothstein.

Pasatiempo (Santa Fe, NM)

I wanted to thank Michael Abatemarco for writing such a nice review of Soul of Science in Pasatiempo (Santa Fe)

Soul of Science at Paxton Gate (Portland). Nice taxidermy and other types of oddities.

Raw Vision Magazine (London)

Nice review of ‘Soul of Science’ in the latest issue of Raw Vision (England). One of the best European art magazines.

Prescott Town Square

Institute for the Future ( San Francisco Think Tank For Technology)

Daniel has been invited to include images from his Soul of Science Series as illustrations in an upcoming book An Aura of Familiarity: Visions From The Coming Age of Networked Matter created and published by Institute For The Future (IFTF), the Silicon Valley nonprofit think tank. The book features short stories by renowned science fiction writers Rudy Rucker, Warren Ellis, Ramez Naam, Madeline Ashby, Bruce Sterling and Cory Doctorow, with an introduction by Research Director of IFTF and Boing Boing co-editor/managing partner David Pescovitz. Daniel has also been invited to sit in on the panel with these distinguished writers and others in San Francisco at The Age of Networked Matter: How Interconnecting Everything Will Transform Our World, Technology Horizons-Spring 2013 Research Exchange (Members Only) on May 16-17.

'IFTF' posted an animated drawing from “SOS”. Science fiction writer Warren Ellis introduces his new short story “Lich House”. http://www.iftf.org/fanfutures


DMD interview. Every once in a long while you do an interview with someone who gets it. I was interviewed by Laura Hines from Juxtapoz. Her questions were very thoughtful and deep. We touched on some subjects I have never talked about publicly. You can read it here: Juxtapoz.com

Pressure Printing creators of the finest art prints I've ever seen, today issued three new intaglio prints by underground artist DMD. Each of the three works -Atomic Man, Soul of Science, and Self-Aware Systems - were handprinted in a limited edition of 25 on a Takachetching press, hand-stained in tea and inks, and signed and numbered by Diaz. In my home, I have Pressure Printing editions by the likes of Coop, Travis Louie, Glenn Barr, and Camille Rose Garcia, and I can vouch that they are of exquisite quality. Now I want all these too! Prints by DMD


 Santa Muerte: Logo and poster design by DMD


Air And Space Museum Exhibition

DMD was given the unique experience of painting a Vietnam Era Cluster Bomb, which he chose as his canvas, for Round Trip: Art From The Boneyard Project. This original, life-size piece is a stunning representation of the themes that Diaz brings to his paintings. “When I stood the bomb up in my garage I realized how beautiful, quiet, and graceful it was. Then I started to think about the psychological aspects and the danger that comes to mind when we see one. With these concepts, I set out to create a piece that encompasses the duality of good and evil that we, as a society have battled with throughout history.”

Vietnam Era Cluster Bomb
Photo by David Olsen

Click here to view time-lapse video


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