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128-page art book that explores the mystery of science, nature, anatomy, consciousness, and the power of symbols
by Daniel Martin Diaz.


I’m an artist from Tucson, Arizona. I have exhibited my work in museums and galleries worldwide and have created artwork for clients such as PBS, Atlanic Records, and the multi-platinum bands POD and Good Charlotte, as well as three public art projects for the Phoenix Metro Light Rail. I have designed my last three art books and have been published in Rolling Stone Magazine, Spin Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, Low Rider Magazine, New American Paintings, The Huffington Post, and Raw Vision Magazine. My wife, Paula and I own Sacred Machine Museum and are the co-founders of the band Blind Divine.

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Soul of Science was funded by Kickstarter the world's largest funding platform for creative projects.

PLEDGED: $29,405
GOAL: $10,000

Launched: October 16, 2012
Successfully funded: November 30, 2012

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In the fall, I became immersed in scientific and philosophical theories. In particular, I was obsessed with scientific diagrams, which explain theories and properties through drawings. My interests also included subjects such as self-aware systems, philosophy, cellular automata, phase transitions, time travel, mystical behaviors at atomic and sub-atomic levels, and the mysteries of consciousness. Although these rudimentary drawings were without any leanings towards aesthetics, I found them to be beautiful, though that is clearly not their intention. I was inspired to create my own interpretations of the concepts of consciousness and other theories on a scientific, philosophical, and spiritual level through a simplified means such as drawing. All of the projects I have created begin as drawings, which I feel have a beauty and intimacy that paintings cannot capture. The subtle lines that graphite creates and the quickness with which one can capture an idea makes this medium alluring.

My wife Paula and I felt that these completed works would be best presented together in a beautifully designed book, and we strongly believed that they should be accompanied by the writings of arts professionals and scientists from varying disciplines to offer their interpretations of the connection between science and art. I am deeply grateful to have such an esteemed group of scientists and writers as contributors to this book.

Sample images from Soul of  Science 


SOUL OF SCIENCE, Collector's Limited Edition of 100, signed and numbered.

128-page art book that explores the mystery of science, nature, anatomy, consciousness, and the power of symbols by Daniel Martin Diaz.

Collector's Limited Edition of 100, cloth-bound slipcase and book with stamped silver foil, signed and numbered.



—Carlo McCormick is a culture critic and curator living in New York City. He is the author of numerous books, monographs and catalogues on contemporary art and artists.
—Bo E.H. Saxberg MD, PhD (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics)
—Chris Duffield PhD (Science Technology, Biomedicine, Design)
—Eric Nelson-Melby PhD (Philosophy, Plasma Physics)
—David Walker PhD (Research, Eco-toxicology)
—G.L. Golden PMP (Bioengineering, Art)
—Paula Catherine Valencia (Writing, Art, Music, Philosophy)

Book Design and Layout:
Daniel Martin Diaz and Paula Catherine Valencia

Editing by Janice S. Gore, PhD and Paula Catherine Valencia

Distributed by:
Last Gasp

Studio images


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Soul of  Science reviewed in


By Travis Lawrence

Daniel Martin Diaz’s artwork belongs in two places: a place of worship and a place of study. This past year, a Kickstarter was set in place to fund the creation of his new book, Soul Of Science. Within these pages are the illustrations of scientific observation and mystical experience. Blending the lines of theory and the sacred, this 128 page collection of illustrations is a timeless jewel.