Here is a font I created. It was inspired by 1920's German science books. You can download it for free and have the option of donating. Pay whatever price you feel is fair. - Thanks DMD

Tech Note:

Font is missing characters that I felt I would never use. Caps are slightly larger and bolder then lowercase characters. There are more characters that are not pictured. You will see them in the download folder.



Spirit Machine in process and drawing tools.

All of my projects begin as drawings, which have a beauty and intimacy that paintings cannot capture. Graphite's allure comes from its subtle lines and the quickness in which one can capture an idea.



Centro Parking Garage 

Desert Splendor Artist 

Desert Plants, Desert Sky, Urban Modern, Historic Architecture 

Steel, Water-Jet Cut, Rust Color Finish, Simulated Ivory Glass, Custom Lighting Three-Dimensional Sculpture: 24’ x 56’, Eighteen Additional Art Panels 8’ x 4’ 

Aleks Istanbullu, Aleks Istanbullu Architects, Santa Monica, CA 

ParkWise, Oasis Tucson, Inc, The City Of Tucson Public Art Program


Finished CAD Drawing



Black Mountain Police Precinct
Cave Creek

Spirit Of The Desert 

Artist Theme: 
Desert Cacti, Desert Sky, Native Geometric Patterns 

Colored Epoxy, Aggregates Of Native Stones, Recycled Glass, Abalone Two-Dimensional Terrazzo Floor 76' x 32' 

The City Of Phoenix Police Department, The City Of Phoenix Office Of Arts And Culture Project 


Conceptual Design


Finished CAD Drawing 



Fourteen Hundred and Eight Tears 2014,  48"x48", Graphite on archival paper.

The repetitive motion involved in drawing a piece like this. Certainly lends itself to a contemplative or even trance-like state.